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Personnel Roster

Hart Street Elementary School 


Principal Curtis Johnson SAA Angie Gonzalez
AP, EIS Dan Saborio Office Assistants Rosa Romano
A.P./Instructional Specialist Alvaro Alvarenga    
Title I/ Bilingual Coord Gena Marquez    
Instructional Coach Lisa Falco Parent Resource Assist  
Access to Core Shayna Kohn    
Resource Specialist Bernadette Tibazi Plant Mgr. Gerardo Romero
Resource Aide Tasneem Jaffer Building /Grounds  
Psychologist   Cafeteria Mgrt. Nazelie Dovletian
Language & Speech   Cafeteria Workers  
      Patricia Codizal
      Gloria Medina
Bilingual Assistant Sonia Ramos   Angelica Pezqueda
Technology Support Emmanuel G.    
Library Assistant Carol Turkel Special Ed Assistants Mariela Christian
Community Rep Patty Bauer   Libuseth Collazos
      Tatiana Katona
      April Crook
Teacher Assistants   Educational Assistant

Carol Aguilar

    Supervision Aides Lorena Partida
      Lurdes Roque
  Angelyn Marcelo    
    LA'S BEST Coord.  
    Y.S. Coach